High 5 Adventure Learning Center: Terms and Conditions

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Subscribers to these Resources may only make copies of, share, download or modify the High 5's Rebuilding After COVID lessons or related materials for use with their own students and classroom. Use of these materials by any organization, school, teacher, classroom or student NOT specifically and directly covered by the purchase of the program, as an individual or as associated with the subscriber's school or district, is prohibited. 

Use of these Resources may expose teachers and students to risks ordinarily associated with active games and activities including falls and collisions with persons and fixed structures, and close personal contact with others. Such risks cannot be eliminated without altering the character and value of the activity.

High 5 does not assume, and denies, responsibility and legal liability for loss or damage to persons who rely on, instruct, or otherwise participate in these and related activities, facilities and equipment. Persons who use these Resources do so at their own risk. Teachers and participants assume the risks of use of these Resources, known and unknown, inherent or not, and whether or not described above.

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